1903 - Thru Dec 14th

Having to both design new Propellers and an Engine with the Power/Weight they needed the
brothers returned to Kitty Hawk Sep 27. With some confidence though they applied for the
first patent on a flying machine that Mar 23

They began by first testing the updated 1902 glider again thru early November. It now had a
controllable double rudder.  They began assembling their first Flyer in October. They ran into
some problems including breaking the drive shafts due to binding which required returning to
Dayton for repairs at one point. Then came December 14th!

Mar 6 - Their hand made propellers based on their wing designs, Amazing 66% Efficiency!
Oct 27 - Returning to Kitty Hawk and testing in the glider again
Oct 27 - Both Wilbur & Orville tested the coordinated glider
Oct 27 - Glider test, note turned rudder. Kitty Hawk camp in the distance
Oct 27 - Last landing in glider
Oct - Wrights assembling Flyer in new larger hangar building
Oct - Wilbur (L) & Orville (R) working on framework
Nov 24 - Wilbur looking on at completed Flyer from new hangar
Nov 24 - Close up of first completed Flyer
Dec 14 - Rear view of Flyer on track before 1st attempt at flight by Wilbur
Dec 14 - Side view of Flyer before Wilburs attempt
Dec 14 - Flyer on track ready for Wilbur attempt. Life Saving crew there to help
Dec 14 - Unfortunately Wilbur pulled up to fast & landed hard breaking the front elevator
Dec 14 - Note the broken Left Lower elevator arm & twisted surfaces
Dec 14 - Closeup of Wilbur, note the Hip control for wings & rudder
Dec 14 - After launching Flyer, note footsteps pushing it to launch & trolley off end of rail
Dec 14 - Wilburs Diary that day pages 48 & 49
Dec 14 - Wilburs Diary that day pages 50 & 51
Dec 14 - Letter written to the family by Wilbur pages 1 & 2
Dec 14 - Letter written to the family by Wilbur page 3
Dec 15 - Confident of success they sent this cryptic telegram home trying to keep the secret