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This site for aviation photography is just being constructed. Please check back often for the latest additions and news.

If you have any need for aerial or aircraft photography please also get in touch!   Thanks
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General News
Sanyo Blimp
Saturday 9/16 started out fogged in but while waiting to start glider operations at ADG several of us got a rare treat.  The Sanyo blimp operated by the Lightship Group, piloted by Allan Judd & Russell Mills flew thru ADG on its Winter migration from Toronto to Dallas.  They got held up by the same cold front in Illinois but did make it to Dallas on 9/20.

It came in from due North almost perfectly camoflaged against the sky, did a low pass down 11, turned onto 23 & then departed South West enroute to Dallas but not before hitting more bad weather in Illinois.  Was an awesome site to see and we hope they come back soon and actually stop in!

See the temporary pictures more will be added here.
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Erickson Air Crane - Hovering Heavy Lifters & More!
The Central Point, Oregon Erickson Air-Crane company is known and operating around the world with the largest fleets of Sikorskey S-64 heavy lift helicopters - oh and they manufacture them too!   Recently I was able to spend two days around the crew of 189AC while they worked on and prepared it for a job - impressive & professional operation.

The S-64 stands out in the air and on any ramp.  Ericksons with their blaze orange and green stripe are immediately recognizable.  The numbers are even more impressive with 9000HP and upwards of a 25,000lb lift capability with the latest 'F' models, and lifting is only part of what they handle.

Check back as we add more and the pictures very soon.
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Lynden Air Cargo - HEAVY HAULING!
Lynden Air Cargo is based out of Alaska and has an impressive fleet of heavy lift aircraft.  Included in their fleet are not one but four Lockheed L-382's - basically C-130's stretched another 20 feet.  There are currently only 8 civil versions of these flying.  One look inside and it is impressive!  Basic specs include a useful load of 48,000lbs and a cargo cavern of 54'x10'x9' with straight on loading thru its rear ramp (see load plan). If you have something to move that only a few can haul, call Lynden!

Be sure to check out the pictures and more info as its added in the C-130/L-382G Pictures folder.  A big thanks goes to Wayne & Steve of Lynden Air for taking the time to talk about 403LC!
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Carvair - Rare Bird!
Recently a very rare plane was parked on the Willow Run East ramp in front of the old Yankee Air Museum remains.  What is it?  a pre-jet engine 747 prototype? actually not so far fetched.  This aircraft started out in January 1945 as the C-54B Skymaster "Fat Annie" #44-9023. In 1946 it was converted to its civilian DC-4 version. In 1962 N89FA was the ninth of only 21 that were ever converted to the cockpit on top for car hauling thru the front as "Carvair's". As of this date it is the last flying one of its type!

Click 'More' for the pictures of N89FA. Be sure to see its history on Ruud's Classic Airliners page, and #44-9023's complete registry.  See also N898AT which is near fully  restored. Only two other airframes even exist - Brooks Fuel
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