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Training for advanced systems & aircraft   |   
Hillsboro, OR   |   (503)781-1297   |   Airport: Portland-Hillsboro Airport(KHIO) Info Wx Radar

General News
Welcome to the CFI Mike Webpage!
Mike has been developing and delivering training in the electronic, computer and aviation industries for over 30 years.  The natural extension of that technical experience is developing and providing the finest training in advanced aircraft and avionic systems.

Mike has experience in both single-engine, multi-engine aircraft, and gliders.  At one time he planned and studied to become a meteorologist.  Along with the glider flying, this has refined his knowledge of the air around us.  This allows him a unique perspective in helping you understand the interaction of the aircraft and the atmosphere.

Mike is a Cirrus factory trained transition instructor (CSIP).  This means you will get the most up-to-date information from Cirrus and UND aerospace for your Cirrus training.

Other advanced avionics training include the Garmin (UPS) MX20 multi-function display and CXN80 IFR approved Comm/GPS/VOR.   He is familiar with most IFR certified GPS approach systems and can help you develop the skills to really feel comfortable with your advanced equipment.

Please check with your insurance company about their requirements for instructor experience.  In most cases Mike will meet all the requirements for the open pilot or instructor clauses in your policy.  Current flight resume numbers are available on request.

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Schedule & Availability
To see the current daily schedule, simply click on Instructors on the left bar under Assets.  Then click on the View Schedule button for the monthly schedule.

As a courtesy to other students, please notify Mike of cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.  Also update the schedule (delete your appointment).  Failure to do so will result in a minimum charge of 1 hour instructional time.
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Contact Info
Getting in touch with Mike - The challenge for any independent instructor is being available for contact.  Fortunately we now have all the wonder of the internet, email and cell phones. To reach Mike, try the following contact methods, in priority order:

1, Cell Phone: (503) 781-1297 -  The phone is on whenever Mike is awake and not flying.  Please leave a message that you called if there's no answer.  Messages are answered at the earliest possible moment.

2, Email: cirruscfi(at)  This email is read once or twice a day and is the best contact for non-urgent communication.

3, Home Phone: (503) 640-5926 - Family is pretty good about relaying messages, but there is a message machine for those calls when no one's available.

4, Snail Mail (US post office):
Michael Bamberg
1059 NW Darnielle St.
Hillsboro,  OR  97124
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