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Welcome to the NESA website
Greetings soaring friends!

The New England Soaring Association (NESA) is a club with approximately 40 members and 3 gliders; a Schweizer 2-33, 1-26 and 1-34. We are most active during weekends but do operate during the weekdays with little notice. I like to think of our culture as a small family having fun with gliders and an emphasis on safety. We have 3 part time instructors who volunteer their time when able and a wonderful tow pilot / combination tow plane owner who is basically available full time. We encourage all our members to participate in flying and fun activities. Any new membership inquires can be sent to or   |   
Springfield, VT   |     |   Airport: HARTNESS STATE (SPRINGFIELD)(VSF) Info Wx Radar

General News
1-21 Flies!
Hello All, I'm  happy to report a succussful flight of the historic 1947 Schweizer 1-21 sailplane, it first flight in 40 years. Having a great time here at Harris Hill.     Bill
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FAA Paper License Experation
Hello NESAers

..............Important Message.............

If you are still flying with a paper Pilot's License you need to get a plastic replacement or you are grounded after March 31, 2010.

Please see the following link on how to get it replaced or search the internet on how to proceed.

From: Your friendly NESA flight instructors.
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Aerophoto package deal!
Wonderful news in a tough economy: Aerophoto CEO & President Walter Striedieck has announced the 20,000 foot tow package deal. This package is designed to save you money on tows while encouraging more flights at NESA. It is available to all members.
Here is the deal. Pay Aerophoto $250.00 upfront and receive credit for 20,000 feet for tows. The tows can be taken in any 1000' increments. This is one incredible deal! For example if you took 10 2000' tows you would save 29% or $100 off the normal price of $350.00
This is a limited time offer and Aerophoto will judge the response before deciding to continue this deal in the future. So act now! Send your check to Aero photo and come out to fly.

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Planning your trip to Springfield
I've had some great discussions with new and current members about trying to figure when to make the trip to the airport. All of us have many activities to plan and do so a day wasted is frustrating.

1. The weather. The most difficult and unpredictable aspect of our sport. This is a bigger problem for those who live far off and can't even use the eyeball method of weather prediction. To assist you can always call someone local before heading out. Also become a student of weather, study patterns and different sources to learn what the range of possible outcomes might be. I plan a short lesson on this July 18th at 10:30. Another good resource is:

2. Tow pilot availability. Thanks to Walter we do not have fixed days of tow plane availability. With short notice we can get a tow any day of the year! There is very few sites in the world with this benefit. But you do need to take minimum effort to call ahead to arrange the time. Start with Aerophoto; Walter. Call him at 802-460-3686 or cell 802-376-9922 to coordinate a meet time. While he is around most days there is times when he gets a break and then you can call one of our other 6 tow pilots: Will & Jeannie Dismukes, Bill Batesole, Dave Carton, Doug McCorkle, and Jerry Smith. Contact info is available on our website:

3. Instructor Availability: This can be challenging because we only have 3 instructors and we all have jobs. Dave Carton works Monday - Friday and is available most weekends. Bill Batesole and I do not have Monday - Friday jobs so we might or might no have weekends off. But we both have more days off & available than someone with weekends off. For example in July there are 8 weekend days but I have 18 total days off from work with 4 weekends days off. Since I don't want to sit by myself at Springfield all 18 days I will only come out if someone emails or calls me to fly. But I will always love to go if someone calls. It's a good excuse to get out of housework!

4. Glider availability. Rarely a issue but worth a review. Currently we have 34 members (with 2 more joining soon!) and of that 22 have checkout and ready to fly. Of the 22 only 14 are current and active in the last 30 days. Of that number 4 have gliders. So on average we have 10 members sharing 3 gliders over any given month. Since we almost never have these 10 members show up the same day we rarely have more than one person waiting. I believe 2 friends can work out who gets to fly first without putting it on a sign up log. BTW that is the official procedure per club rules, use a sign up sheet for glider use. It's first come, first fly. So if we do get more waiting and you are the 3rd pilot please start a list. Those up flying don't forget there is a one hour flight time limit with others waiting. Not a problem this week.

5. Club equipment. We have all the basics available to make your soaring experience safe and enjoyable. Radios, tractor for towing, lawn chairs, tarp for shade, ropes, BBQ grill, etc. We do not have a person standing by to maintain this items and bring them to us each day on the line. So if we want to use any of these items take the initiative to pick them up and then put them back. Maybe even clean them up if needed. The officers are happy to assist with this but we are also towing, instructing and maintaining the fleet.

6. Club fun. Many of us would like to see more social activities. I like all of you and have great fun chatting at the BBQ's and winter meeting. In our theme of being the most flexible, available and affordable club in the nation I propose we do this informally whenever possible. Call around and meet for bunch before heading to the airport. Make a lunch or dinner trip with others who are flying with you that day. Invite friends and family to go flying with you. This makes the days without lift more worth the trip to Springfield.

Ok - off the soapbox! Feedback is welcome so respond to all with any thoughts.

Will Dismukes
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2009 Soaring season has started!
Happy Easter Weekend NESA flyers,

The soaring season has officially started with two weekends of soaring flight. Sunday April 5th Lee Blair, Bob Morehardt and Walter Striedieck soared to great heights in the wave to get us started. Then Friday April 10th Evan Ludeman flew a challenging task to prepare for the upcoming region 5 contest while Jerry Smith and Walter took the PW6 up to cloud base (8250') for a few hours on a great thermal day.

On Saturday April 11th we had a good turnout - Paul Happ, Rob Chamberlin, Mark Hermann, Bob Noeding, Walter, and I put the NESA gliders together. That's right: ALL THE CLUB GLIDERS ARE READY TO FLY!!! Thanks to the members who came out to assemble, clean and tiedown this weekend.

Now it's time to go fly; I'll be available for instructional flight & checkouts on Friday April 17th from early morning until 3 pm. Then I available again on Friday April 24th - Sunday April 26th. B2 will also be home for that weekend. Remember we will have a safety meeting Saturday April 25th along with the BBQ. If you can not make this day please review the safety minutes on the NESA website after the meeting date.

One last request: Please check the date of your last BFR and schedule one of the instructors a day to complete if needed. Plan on at least 1 hour of ground review plus 3 landings per the FAR's.

See you at the airport!

Will Dismukes
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March update
Hello again NESA friends,

While brainstorming for fun events to add to our plans this year I did hear your desire to keep the tradition of the monthly BBQ/grill night. Don't worry I know how much pilots like to eat so I will ensure the grill is hot! Besides being a great social event the grill night is a good time to recap any news or concerns for the group.

A new event we could add is a spot landing contest. This is a great activity on those days with no lift. We will could have a monthly winner then a end of season champion.

Another planned activity will be "bring a friend day" where we would encourage members to bring a friend for a ride and stay for the BBQ.

Is anyone interested in free ground school? One idea was to have members pick a subject each month and run a class once a month. Jerry and I will get us started this flying season than start looking for more volunteers. Subjects can range from airspace to cross country flying.

Any more ideas for fun events? How about wave camp? Badge camp? you name it, we can help start it - email me at

Safe flying,

Will Dismukes
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Safe return to soaring
Welcome back to NESA soaring and warm weather!

B2 and I are put together a “safety debrief” list of high interest items for our members. The list is to keep everyone thinking about good safety habits. Some of the items come from common mistakes and some from observing bad habits after a long winter away from flying. Please let us know what you think:

1. Check the date of last BFR. Remember the student pilot license is only good for 2 years so check that also. The instructors will help look for this during the spring checkouts but its better if you find this before coming out to fly.

2. Clear! Look before beginning a turn. Very common during checkouts to see the turn in progress before the pilots looks to see if it is clear.

3. “747” patterns to runway 23. Again very common. The length of the runway and the displaced touchdown point makes for a strong visual illusion.

4. Remember to have a working radio before each flight.

4. New for 2008: every new pilot should walk around glider before getting in. This is a good habit to start because anything can happen on the previous flight which would make the glider unsafe to fly.

5. Look for the new checklist in the NESA gliders. The last item is "flow". See Bill's last safety article for a review of this but the idea is to do a last minute check around the cockpit for important items.

Enjoy the great weather!

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