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Online Scheduling AND Club/FBO Web Site $20/Month  --  Instructor/CFI Sites & Schedules $5/Month is for any Club, Group/Aircraft Partnership, FBO, CFI, etc.  You get your own:
  • Web Site - that You maintain/update yourself with NO programming!  (Sample)  -AND-
  • Online Schedule - For everything you fly or operate - No Limits! (See Views, Events)
  • Multi Club Scheduling: LocalHangar invented scheduling where on one global schedule you see all aircraft, instructors, etc. that you have access to at all clubs/businesses you fly with in LocalHangar.
Pilots/Public: Your membership is always free with your own multi club schedule, quick access to club news, weather, plan flights, FAA data, etc.  - Join

Clubs, FBO's, Instructors: Put your group online not just your schedule. Get your own Web site AND Scheduling system, with:
  • No Limits - On how many aircraft, instructors, members, etc. you can schedule
  • Traffic - This Portal has members from across the aviation spectrum which means visibility!
  • Free Advertising - On Hangar Sale, your own Buy/Sell/Trade site for anything you need
  • Other Features - Public news/docs/pics, Member areas & emailing, online SQUAWKs, etc.
Pricing: 1st Month is Free, then simple flat rate with no limit on Planes, CFI's, Members, etc. - Try It

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This portal offers your club its own web site, and online scheduling system that requires zero programming to maintain or add content.  Keeping their sites current with news, pictures, and events has already helped these clubs attract new SSA FAST students, members, and numerous guest flights, helping ignite that interest in Soaring!  Why not Hangar your club online here too?  Adrian Soaring Club    New England Soaring Association
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